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George Lakey

* GEORGE LAKEY: Strategy, Tour, Books and Videos

Lakey (85) shares his learnings from six decades of strategic nonviolent organizing for peace and racial, social, and climate justice, through storytelling and discussion. He’s a columnist for and a founder of the Global Nonviolent Action Database at Swarthmore, Earth Quaker Action Team, Movement for a New Society and Training for Change.

See George’s new bio-pic film trailer, his wiki page, videos below, and his other books including:
How We Win, Viking Economics, Facilitating Group Learning,Toward a Living Revolution:
A five-stage framework for creating radical social change
, 2023 memoir tour below*
(See more.) Also see
MNS Books & Authors, Bill Moyer, and more best reading.

*George’s Dancing with History: A Life for Peace and Justice 2023 memoir & strategy tour resumes in September. Revisit this page then for the fall schedule, and email BookTour [at] to schedule a gig near you.

Also see Political scientist Stephen Zunes’s splendid review in The Progressive and Doug Gwyn’s review in Friends Journal, and George’s many article at

Other recent books still popular from Melville House:
Viking Economics: How the Scandinavians got it right and how we can, too,
& HOW WE WIN: A Guide to Nonviolent Direct Action Campaigning
& Facilitating Group Learning: Strategies for Success with Diverse Learners.

BELOW: Video of Lakey’s talk at the People’s Forum NYC, January 2023 (1:15:00)

BELOW: Lakey’s video based on his How We Win guide (30 min.) explains why
polarization is the forge that heats systemic change” now, as it did in the 1930s
and 1960s in the US and Scandinavia. Also see the Trailer for his new bio-pic.

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