Movement Action Plan

Doing Democracy: The MAP Model for Organizing Social Movements by Bill Moyer*

  • SLIDESHOW: 7 Graphic charts explain Moyer’s MAP’s Eight Stages
  • BEST VIDEO (48 mins.): Bill Moyer’s final presentation of his Movement Action Plan, 8 Stages of Successful Social Movements, and 4 Roles of Activists

Citizen activism has achieved many positive results. But the road to success for social movements is long and complex. Doing Democracy* provides the most usable theory and working model for understanding and analyzing  movements, and ensuring they succeed in the long term. Bill Moyer and co-authors brilliantly present their:

  • Overview of social movement theories, democracy, power, power-holder strategy, and the MAP (Movement Action Plan) model
  • Eight stages of social movements,
  • Four roles of activists, effective (compared to ineffective)

It also compares MAP to nine popular models of social movements that are taught at universities, applies MAP to five social movements (civil rights, anti nuclear energy, gay and lesbian, breast cancer and anti-corporate globalization movements) and concludes with a chapter on the future strategy of activism.

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*By the late Bill Moyer with JoAnn McAllister, Mary Lou Finley & Steven Soifer. Bill Moyer was an globally acclaimed organizer, writer, educator and trainer in nonviolent social movements in a dozen countries for forty years. He was staff for Dr. Martin Luther King, the American Friends Service Committee and the Movement For A New Society. He was the Executive Director of the Social Movement Empowerment Project in San Francisco.

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