* Ralph Nader: America’s most prominent and successful consumer advocate

Founder of a network of over 20 nonprofits, including Public Citizen and U.S. Public Interest Research Groups, led by popularly dubbed “Nader’s Raiders.” See Nader.org. He is author of hundreds of articles and videos and scores of books, including:
Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us and Unstoppable: The Emerging Left-Right Alliance to Dismantle the Corporate State, in which he prescribes 25 Reforms Ripe for “Convergent Action”*

(Also see his scores of other books, writings and videos)

  1. Require annual audit of the DOD budget
  2. Establish rigorous scrutiny of business claims for government handouts and bailouts
  3. Efficiency in government contracting and spending
  4. Adjust minimum wage to inflation
  5. Tax reform and collection
  6. Break up “too-big-to-fail” and end monopolies
  7. Expand charity contribution and use to grow jobs (with available “dead money”)
  8. Grant taxpayers standing to sue governments & corporations
  9. More direct democracy-initiative, referenda, recall…
  10. Push community self-reliance
  11. Clear obstacles to real competitive elections
  12. Extend civil liberties
  13. Enhance students’ civic skills
  14. End unconstitutional wars (Article I, Section 8)
  15. TRADE: Revise agreements to protect US sovereignty, end fast track
  16. Protect kids from commercialism harm
  17. End Corporate Personhood
  18. Control more of the commons we own
  19. Enforce and penalize corporate crime
  20. Strengthen investor power and protection
  21. Ban patenting life forms and genes
  22. End war on drugs
  23. Environmentalism
  24. Reform health care
  25. Create convergent institutions.

* “We are at one of the most pivotal moments in our country’s political history: Americans are more disillusioned with their political leaders than ever before and large majorities of citizens tell pollsters that big corporations have too much political power. The ever-tightening influence of big business on the mainstream media, elections and our local, state, and federal governments, have caused many Americans to believe they have no political voice.” Find much more at Nader.org

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