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Global Warming

Acting Locally on Global Warming
A PowerPoint presentation "Acting Locally on Global Warming"

Twenty Percent by 2020 (Source Link)
New Mexico aims to reduce energy use 20 percent by 2020. Ken recently delivered this paper in Oslo, addressing land use and other policy options for achieving that goal. For the Energy Conservation and Management Division, State of New Mexico.


Flows: Blueprint for Santa Fe
This 1996 report, developed by Ken Hughes of the Club's Building Healthy Communities Committee, analyzes how Santa Fe can recognize, confront and reduce the threats coming our way due to changes wrought from global warming. Given the major changes coming our way, it presents a variety of strategies that will cumulatively require major changes in the way we live.” Report PowerPoint presentation Source Link

Ken Hughes’ Blueprint for Santa Fe: Freeing Our Dependence on Fossil Fuels
Article about the report in the monthly Eldorado Sun, November 2006   Source Link

Smart City Radio interview with Ken Hughes about Blueprint for Santa Fe
From host Carol Coletta's introduction: "Ken Hughes is a member of the Sierra Club's Building Healthy Communities Committee and a Knight Fellow in Community Building at the University of Miami. Ken is also chief planner for the state of New Mexico's Department of Finance and Administration." (Hughes' interview is the second segment on the tape beginning at minutes 30 to 47 of 52.) Source Link

Resource Conservation

Community Mobility 3.0
Ken's paper for presentation at the annual Land Use Conference

Time To Give Up The Bottle
Opinion piece offering a critical analysis of the environmental costs of bottled water


Growth in New Mexico: Impacts and Options
A comprehensive 120-page study of the costs and benefits of growth and evaluation of growth management alternatives, prepared for the NM Local Government Division with input from two round table discussions on growth, many conversations and conferences, and dozens of pieces of literature on the subject. Source Link

New Plazas for New Mexico: A Back to the Future Approach for Revitalizing Public Spaces
A 36-slide PowerPoint presentation

Cohousing in New Mexico
The Commons on the Alameda is an established pueblo-style cohousing community with 28 homes and a common house on 6 acres 3 miles from Santa Fe's historic downtown plaza along the Santa Fe River.  Ken Hughes is a co-founding member and has resided in the community since 1993.
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